We provide Marijuana of different strains to all . We sale to retailers and wholesalers. We sale to patients and to non patients cuz we believe that weed is for all. We have weed of Indica and Sativa.  We have marijuana of all strains including 1 Eyed Jamaican,1 Eyed Jamaican #2, 3 kings, 91 Chemdog, Abra Cadabra, Acapulco Gold, Accidental Tourist, Afghan Kush, Purple Kush,Wappa, Whitaker Blues, White Diesel,White Fire, White Haze, White Ice, White Rhino, White Russian,White Skunk, White Widow and other strains.We are Ready to provide you with better health, higher energy levels, and physical wellness.

You can contact us via email at:

By Phone you can text us via:  (571) 261-7251


 Purple Haze

Strain Name: Purple Haze Grade: A Type: Sativa dominant hybrid. Looks: Pale, light green buds that sparkle. An abundance of orange hairs. Compact and very dense nuggets. There’s not much purple, but this medicine wasn’t exposed to cooler temperatures. Smell: Slightly sour fruit…a little bit like sweet red grapefruit. Taste: Expansive and tangy. Sativa smooth. [...]



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